Andy Williams is described as an American popular music singer whose voice was declared “a national treasure” by a past U.S. President. Andy recorded 44 albums in his career, 17 of which have been Gold-certified, and three certified Platinum. Hosting The Andy Williams Show from 1962 to 1971, and later developing The Moon River Theatre in Branson, Missouri (named after the song he is most known for singing—Johnny Mercer and Henry Mancini’s “Moon River”), Andy Williams and his smooth voice left an impression on the music world that will not be forgotten. Bringing those Andy Williams hits back into the spotlight, Jimmy Osmond (youngest of the Osmond entertainment family), has created Andy Williams Moon River and Me. Moon River and Me is the only show authorized by the Andy Williams estate to pay tribute to the award-winning music and life of Andy Williams.

Collectively, the Osmonds have sold more than 100 million records, earning them 59 gold and platinum hits worldwide, and having sold more than 100 million copies and the recipients of numerous entertainment awards. With the year 2016, Jimmy celebrated 50 years in the entertainment industry. Jimmy debuted, as did his older brothers before him, on The Andy Williams Show at a very early age. After Andy Williams passed in 2012, Jimmy took over Andy’s Branson theatre as a promise to his friend and mentor to keep the legacy alive. Now known as The Andy Williams Performing Arts Center & Theatre, a wide array of entertainers are booked throughout each year, giving Andy’s vision of entertainment variety shows a place to call home – including the newest addition, Andy Williams Moon River and Me, which has expanded and is now touring the world.

Starring Jimmy Osmond, Moon River and Me is full of music, nostalgic footage, and special memories of Andy. In this tribute to Andy Williams, Jimmy Osmond sings the songs that made his mentor and friend so beloved by millions. Andy Williams Moon River and Me – the hits we love from Andy, and chart topping hits that Jimmy Osmond and his brothers made famous…a perfect pairing for a memorable entertainment experience.

Show Reviews…

Review: Jimmy Osmond’s Moon River and Me tour
Take a trip down memory lane with some of the best music ever recorded
Caroline Kay, Assistant Digital Editor (What’s On) | 29 MAR 2018
During the 1970s Andy Williams was a key staple in the Kay household and there was never any shortage of vinyl with his name adorned across the sleeve in our record cabinet.
I was brought up on his style of music and have loved it ever since the days of black and white so, imagine my delight when I found out that Jimmy Osmond was bringing his tour ‘Moon River and Me’ to the Garrick in Lichfield.
Initially when I saw Jimmy was touring I thought he may try to eke out Long Haired Lover from Liverpool, mixed in with a few Osmond favourites, into the two-hour show.
I wasn’t sure how he was going to do it, but this is what I had in my head.
How wrong was I? Opening with an up-tempo rendition of Charade, Jimmy took the audience on a trip down memory lane – and not just HIS memory and HIS lane – ours too.
Interweaving stories about his days on the Andy Williams show back in the 1960s, along with anecdotes and videos of him with his brothers, the whole evening was pure entertainment from start to finished.
Joined on stage by a top class backing band, throughout the evening guest singers Charlie Green and the Emily Penny (her version of Anyone Who Had a Heart was pitch perfect) gave Jimmy the chance to sit among the audience and have a bit of a giggle and a chat.
Fans of Britain’s Got Talent may remember Charlie who wowed the judges with his rendition of Summer Wind back in 2008.
On stage Charlie has a real presence and for me the stand-out song for me was his version of Feelin’ Good. Wow, this lad can really sing!
And talking about the fans, this is where Jimmy really comes into his own. He has a great following and the fact that people pay good money for a great night of music certainly isn’t lost on the entertainer.
Someone had even brought him a bag of goodies which included a packet of Cheesy Wotsits and some Jammy Dodgers.
You see, Jimmy isn’t afraid to recognise he is cheese personified and doesn’t mind at all – and swap the Jammy for Jimmy and you’ve got a show!
Not only was Andy Williams’ back catalogue of songs showcased – think Music to Watch Girls By; Up, Up and Away; Speak Softly Love and Can’t Take My Eyes Off You, Jimmy also went back to his Osmond brother roots with an upbeat version of Long Haired Loved, along with Love Me for a Reason and Crazy Horses to name but a few.
The show ended with an encore of Moon River – would there be another song Jimmy could have finished with? His standing ovation was the icing on the cake of a fab-u-lous evening.

Review: Jimmy Osmond, Moon River And Me
Fife Today | Allan Crow | Monday 19 February 2018
Jimmy Osmond: Moon River & Me, Rothes Halls, Glenrothes
Don’t try to find a show with more warmth at its heart – it probably doesn’t exist.
It may nigh impossible to go wrong with the Andy Williams’ songbook at your disposal, but Jimmy Osmond still pulled them together in a delightful show that, come its finale, had his audience rolling standing ovations down to the stage.
That was down to the magic of the music, and his own charm.
He didn’t just engage with his audience, he left the stage to chat to them, and even sit among them while introducing his supporting singers.
And, song by song, be built up a smashing atmosphere that was a masterclass in how to entertain.
The Williams’ songbook was a joy to hear once more – from perfectly crafted medleys to the big hits – but there were also tributes to Glen Campbell with a cracking rendition of Rhinestone Cowboy, David Cassidy and Neil Diamond, plus a selection of Osmond classics, all illustrated with some smashing archive footage.
Loved it!

Review: Jimmy Osmond puts on a great show at Inverness’s Eden Court Theatre
by Susan Welsh February 15, 2018

Jimmy Osmond wowed the crowd in Inverness.

Susan Welsh saw, Moon River & Me: A Tribute to Andy Williams at Eden Court Theatre

What a show. What a showman!

Jimmy Osmond first stepped into the spotlight at the age of three when he appeared with his brothers on the Andy Williams Show. 50 years on, he’s still going strong.

In Moon River and Me, he paid tribute to Williams – who was both mentor and best friend to Jimmy – and revealed that he’s as polished an all-round entertainer as the late, great star.

Within minutes of taking to the stage, he had the audience eating out of the palm of his hand thanks to a combination of great songs and friendly chat, much of which included old-style jokes and hilarious self-depracating stories about his younger days and the times he toured with his famous family.

He was joined by the four-piece Moon River Band and singers, Charlie Green and Jodie Reynolds, both of whom were outstanding singers in their own right.

Charlie, who celebrates his 21st birthday on Friday, was just 10 when he was discovered by Simon Cowell. Possessor of a remarkable voice, it wouldn’t surprise me if one day, he fills theatres in his own right.

Packed with award-winning songs such as, Can’t Take My Eyes Off You, Almost There, May Each Day, Days of Wine and Roses and of course the song that was to become his theme tune, Moon River,

Stand-out moments included Jimmy and Charlie’s duet, Butterfly; Jimmy dueting with Andy (who appeared on screen) to sing Love Story; a blistering version of Music To Watch Girls By and a rock version of Jimmy’s first hit, Long Haired Lover from Liverpool.

Throughout the show, three large screens showed clips from old newsreels and TV shows from both Andy and Jimmy’s lives, which was as fascinating to watch as seeing Jimmy engage with the audience.

A real showman without being a show-off, he regularly left the stage to stroll through the auditorium, where he chatted to fans, encouraged them to sing with him and at one point took a seat himself so he could watch the show.
Having delivered a superb night of pure entertainment, he was rewarded with a well-deserved standing ovation.

Jimmy Osmond – Opera House, Buxton
Opera House Buxton, Jimmy Osmond Moon River and Me Jodi Reynolds Charlie Green
I think it would be fair to say the Osmonds were the One Direction of their day with swarms of screaming fans adoring them during the height of their fame; getting their big break on The Andy Williams show back in the 60s and early 70s.

Now over 50 years later, one of the Osmond brothers is back with a very special unique tribute to the man that gave them that big break.

Jimmy Osmond’s new show; Moon River and Me is a very personal tribute show to the late great Andy Williams, backed with an impressive band with backing from Jodi Reynolds and Britain’s Got Talent’s Charlie Green and I was lucky enough to catch it at the beautiful Buxton Opera House.

The theatre is buzzing ahead of the show even with the snow blizzards around and as Jimmy walks out onto the Buxton Opera House stage, he’s already a hit with the audience giving him a massive welcome and that applause proved to be much deserved as Mr Osmond delivered a tribute like no one else could.

Jimmy Osmond has showmanship which is just exemplary, he delivers a pitch perfect, word perfect performance throughout, Jimmy is funny, approachable and makes the audience feel part of the show even sitting with them when Jodi and Charlie performed hits such as Cilla Black’s Anyone Who Had a Heart or Nina Simone’s Feeling Good. Jimmy Osmond shows the warmth and compassion of somebody who is honouring a true friend as he sings not just Andy Williams songs but also the country star and friend; Glenn Campbell . It’s no secret that the Osmonds and Andy Williams both had a mutual fondness for each other, having performed countless times on the Andy Williams Show, they owed a lot of their initial breakthrough to Mr Williams himself and Jimmy Osmond still seems grateful to this very day as he belts out some of Andy’s best known works aided with video footage playing behind of Mr Williams with songs like Music to Watch Girls By, Happy Heart and Can’t Take My Eyes off you , all performed during the tribute.

Unlike some tribute shows, this show really is very touching; Jimmy talks about memories shared with the late great singer which died in 2012 and perhaps the most impressive and goose bump inducing moment of the night was a spectacular duet of Moon River complete with Andy Williams hologram, the marvels of technology. It was spellbinding!

Although the show is predominantly focussed on Mr William’s impressive back catalogue, there is a number of Osmond hits thrown in for good measure and taking you right back to when the band was first starting out, complete with Jimmy’s No 1 hit ‘Long Haired Lover From Liverpool’ making it the ultimate concert for any Osmonds fan.

This show is slick, professional and moving which is everything you want in this kind of show, decades later; Jimmy proves he’s still a first class entertainer even performing ventriloquism on an audience member, I went away feeling so good and I can’t wait to see his next concert.

Verdict: Never mind the movie, I’ve found the Greatest Showman

Reviewer: Max Eden

Reviewed: 11th February 2018

North West End Rating: ★★★★★

Branson Tourism Center – 2017

“Moon River & Me” pays tribute to the life, the music, and the wonderful man himself, Mr. Andy Williams! The sensational Jimmy Osmond stars in this dynamic production that features the Moon River Band, and is filled with award-winning music, video footage of Andy, and Jimmy’s own memories of the icon he knew as a friend and mentor; this is one powerful show! If anyone is deserving of being memorialized in a phenomenal live show, it’s the iconic Andy Williams. The golden voice of beautiful songs like Moon River, Can’t Get Used to Losing You, and (Where Do I Begin) Love Story, spent the last years of his amazing career performing in Branson in his architecturally award-winning theater. As if experiencing the wonderful Jimmy Osmond isn’t enough, you’ll also see Great Britain and YouTube singing sensation, Charlie Green.

Jimmy Osmond, whose own career took flight at the age of 3 after he was introduced to the world by Williams on his popular TV variety show, is the perfect artist to honor the man he knew as a good friend and mentor. He comes to the show with an impressive history in the world of show business, having performed and recorded as both a solo artist and with his world-famous siblings, The Osmonds, he also operates a multi-faceted production and artist management company, and is an author and cartoonist, among other interesting talents. It’s been 50 years since Jimmy first took the stage with Andy Williams, but he hasn’t forgotten the moment and the man who helped launch his career.

Charlie Green is an excellent choice to appear at the performance home of the legendary Andy Williams; known for singing classics like Mack the Knife, and Sinatra’s Summer Wind, the young crooner will certainly feel right at home! He was a fast favorite with judges and fans alike when he competed on Britain’s Got Talent, even winning over beloved grumpies, Simon Cowell and Piers Morgan.

“Moon River & Me” lets you relive that warm feeling, those flawlessly funny moments, and the marvelous music from the man who melted our hearts, Andy Williams. This loving tribute is delivered by the man we’ve adored since he was just a toddler, Jimmy Osmond; he’s capably assisted by the terrific Charlie Green, and the Moon River Band. Enjoy the music, the memories, the emotion, and the devotion to a true entertainment legend at “Moon River & Me” in Branson, Missouri.

The Return Of The Not So Long Haired Lover!

Jimmy Osmond | The Moon River And Me Tour
Theatre Severn | 22/October/2016

If you are of that golden age that so many have found ourselves at, then it is likely that you will remember the harrowing scenes that haunted our television sets, so many years ago. That of Osmond-mania. You will recall the tearful, nay hysterical school girls crying and rhythmically banging on the chained up doors shouting, “We want The Osmonds,” well the hysteria has gone but the love was certainly still there for the littlest Osmond of them all; Jimmy Osmond.

Flanked by two very impressive singers Emily Penny and erstwhile X-Factor contestant Charley Green, backed by the Moon River Band, Jimmy belted out all the hits and more as he celebrated his fifty years in  Showbiz.

Green is a great crooner with a voice way beyond his years. He breathed out such classics as, “Music to Watch The Girls Go By,” and “Butterfly,” Jimmy very unselfishly shared the light with him and it seemed that Cowell’s loss is Jimmy’s gain. The lad is brilliant.

Emily Penny. In a state of pregnancy sang so beautifully too. “Downtown,” and “Anyone who-ever had a heart,” proved she had the power to really send out those top notes and gave both Petula and Cilla a run for their money. She was excellent.

The Moon River Band comprised Drums, Bass, Lead guitar and keys. They were very tight, well-rehearsed and delivered note after perfect note for Jimmy to chase and dance with.

There was a generosity in Jimmy’s performance. Not just to his Co-stars but to his fans also. He walked amongst the audience, singing, shaking hands and signing autographs. But there was no synthetic smile. He seemed genuinely pleased to see everyone. He allowed photography which is unusual, he was warm and one is left with the impression if he had a notebook he would have taken everyone’s number so he could give them all a call when he’s bored.

However boredom won’t feature in this man’s life. He is as fresh, as talented and as entertaining as he and his famous brothers ever were. I presume a still very full diary will await him for some years to come.

If in 1973 one could lay money how a Priory Boy might react to the question what do you think of the, “ The Osmonds” the answer would have been one of scorn and derision. It was a merely peer group controlled music snobbery. Even so one would not expect this favourable review. We all grew up.

School boy prejudice aside: He and his Brothers remained stars and as a result there were both genders there getting down to the sounds of Jimmy O’ and everybody loved it.  Great show, great vibe and great fun.

Probably just as well Jimmy is slightly more than a long haired lover, he cut his hair, got older and carved himself an unshakeable place in the musical hall of fame.

In this ever changing world where threats of war and terrorism haunt our daily lives its nice to know that the past is still there, it’s just that we have to look further back to see it. But when we do how sublime it is to lose yourself and enjoy every golden second. Brilliant.

This is a Five Star Review.

Owen J. Lewis

Review – Jimmy Osmond, Moon River and Me, Royal and Derngate, Northampton, 10th October 2016

moon-river-and-meI’m not sure what expectations I had of Jimmy Osmond’s tribute show to Andy Williams, Moon River and Me. I wouldn’t call myself a fan of Andy Williams, although many of his recordings are absolute classics, and really stand the test of time. I guess you’d say that it just hasn’t ever been very trendy to like him. Similarly, I wouldn’t have called myself an Osmonds fan, but I liked most of their records (OK when they got very slushy I’d have to reach for the Junior Seltzer) and when we came to see them at the Derngate a few years ago, I was very impressed.

jimmy-osmondAnd none is more impressive than Jimmy Osmond – he’s 53 now, so I think it’s fair to have dropped the “Little” from his name. He embodies showmanship in a very unflashy, respectful, kindly, welcoming way. He is the perfect front man, still with a great voice and a warm personality, not remotely afraid to take the mickey out of himself, and very generous with allowing other performers to shine on the stage. When we saw him in Cinderella at the Royal and Derngate in 2008, not only was it his first appearance in panto, it was also our first attendance at a Royal and Derngate show. So I reckon Jimmy and me go back a long way.

andy-williamsMoon River and Me takes as its starting point, and its backbone throughout the evening, the career of Andy Williams, and how it was firmly linked with the early days of the Osmonds – they guested on his TV shows back in the 60s and it was where they got their first big break. Clearly there was a great chemistry between Mr Williams and the Osmonds – an affection that has carried on to this day, despite Mr Williams’ death in 2012. But the show is not (to my surprise) exclusively Williams. There’s a whole range of ballads and pop, mainly from the 1960s, as well as an Osmonds section. And it’s not just Jimmy Osmond singing – he has two guests: the charming Emily Penny who gives us a fun Downtown and a brilliant Anyone Who Had a Heart; and the amazing young Charlie Green who astonished me with his vocal maturity with songs like Born Free, Alfie and (my favourite performance of the night) Maria; all backed by a great four-piece band.

emily-pennyTechnology also allows Andy Williams to join us in some of the numbers; I’m never entirely sure about how I feel about seeing entertainers, who have died, still virtually performing alongside live performers, but Jimmy’s duet with Andy on Moon River worked extremely well. A word of appreciation to the technical crew – the show looks great, with lots of video footage and photos montaged on screens, as well as the apparently live Mr Williams at the top of his game. But also the light show was just perfect to enhance but not overwhelm the performers and the sound quality was absolutely superb; not over-amplified, never distorted, always crisp, clear and in total balance so you could hear every word.

charlie-greenAs always, when you go to see someone live, they don’t perform your favourite songs. It’s an unwritten law of live music. My favourite two Andy Williams songs are Home Lovin’ Man and It’s So Easy – and neither got an airing. In the brief (too brief?) Osmonds section, my favourite song of theirs, Goin’ Home, was also sadly missing. But we did get a great singalong version of Love Me For a Reason, a funky rock Long Haired Lover from Liverpool and a pyrotechnic Crazy Horses, so that can’t be all bad. From the Andy back catalogue, it was great to hear Jimmy do a fantastic rendition of Happy Heart, and there wasn’t a dry eye in the house after his Danny Boy. But Charlie’s Music to Watch Girls By was pretty darn sensational.

jimmy-osmond-moon-river-and-meThis is a high quality, nostalgic, entertaining and thoroughly enjoyable wallow in some great old music and a fitting tribute to one of popular music’s most outstanding interpreters by one of entertainment’s greatest showmen. What’s not to love?! The tour continues throughout the whole of October – enjoyment guaranteed!


South Wales Argus | October 6, 2016
Moon River and Me, A Tribute to Andy Williams, St David’s Hall, Cardiff
HAVING been a fan of the Osmonds in the 70s, I wondered if I would like Jimmy on his own in this show.
Well, I wasn’t disappointed. Having seen him perform on Masterchef this year, I thought then what a pleasant man he was, and this came out right through this show.
Unfortunately, the auditorium was only half full, and when he appeared he made a joke of it, saying: “Say, is there a seat for me out there?”
He then started the show the same way Andy Williams always did, with the opening to his most famous song, Moon River, from the film Breakfast at Tiffany’s.
He was accompanied by two guest singers, Emily Penny, who had a really good strong voice, and one of Simon Cowell’s discoveries, a young man called Charlie Green who also had a very good voice.
In the background on stage were three video screens showing scenes from Andy Williams’ shows through the years and film of his songs, while Jimmy ran through his best numbers. Jimmy showed his first appearance with the Osmonds on the Andy Williams Show at the grand old age of four, singing Red Roses for a Blue Lady – totally cringeworthy but nevertheless enjoyable.
The Osmonds’ numbers made another appearance later in the show as he ran though Love Me for a Reason and Crazy Horses, which cheered up the Osmonds’ fans.
Emily Penny did two appearances doing some Dusty Springfield songs and Cilla numbers, suitably dressed in 60s gear, and while this was going on Jimmy was walking among the audience and shaking people’s hands and sitting with them.
He is a very pleasant man indeed and I for one could easily enjoy it all again.
Pam Parker

The Savannah Center, The Villages, Florida – July 7, 2016 – First date on the Moon River & Me Tour
The Villages News Review 7-7-16

Facebook – We recently saw the show,  Moon River and Me, and absolutely  loved it. In fact, I want to see it again!
5 of 5 stars
From beginning to end, you will be thoroughly entertained.  Jimmy Osmond and Charlie Green  (from Britain’s Got Talent) sang many of Andy Williams’ songs, so many favorites,  it’s hard to choose just one.  Included in the show were vintage clips of Andy Williams performing with many stars, such as The Williams Brothers, The Osmond Brothers,  Dick Van Dyke,  Jonathon Winters and many more. Jay Osmond made a guest appearance and sang a couple of Osmond songs with Jimmy after performing his drum solo. We loved the clean comedy from the comedian, Chipper Lowell. He is one hilarious guy. Make plans to see Moon River and Me, it’s one show you won’t want to miss.
Visited May 2016

Facebook – We saw “Moon River & Me ” last night, it was fantastic!
5 of 5 stars
Jimmy Osmond is great and does many of Andy’s hits. There is wonderful footage of Andy’s TV specials, and the Osmonds though the years. Jay Osmond performed a drum solo that was jaw-dropping! The incredible voice of Charlie Green will WOW you! My 14 year old could watch Chipper Lowell (comedian ) every day, hilarious! It’s a beautiful, moving show you don’t want to miss!
Visited May 2016

TripAdvisor – “Didn’t want to leave! ”
5 of 5 stars
Our reason for visiting Branson was to see Jimmy Osmond in Moon River and Me, a tribute to the late Andy Williams. We went to 5 shows and we weren’t disappointed by any of them.
Jimmy has been in the show business for 50 years and every performance was spotless! Very moving especially when they played a clip of Andy singing on a large screen and Jimmy sang with him.
The British singer Charlie Green also gave a flawless performance. For only being 19 years of age he has amazing talent.
And what can I say about the comedian Chipper Lowell apart from hilarious! As the only brits and sitting in front row we did get picked on rather a lot but that added to the fun.
The Moon River and me show ends tonight before it goes on tour, but if it comes back Branson a must see show. Or any show The Osmonds put on!
The theatre is a beautiful place, very clean and staff very helpful and friendly.
Unfortunately the gift shop/museum isn’t open until the fall but could see through the metal gates some of Andys original clothing.
We found outside a magical place. Sitting next to the Moon River and listening to Andy sing (music played 24/7 to keep Andys legacy alive) very relaxing, a beautiful, calming place to sit and reflect.
This was our first visit and won’t be our last!
Visited May 2016

TripAdvisor – “Jimmy Osmond’s show Moon River and Me was the best!!!!”
5 of 5 stars
We saw 5 shows which we enjoyed. Jimmy Osmond’s was clearly the best. We also loved the Haygoods, but Jimmy’s show was clearly in a league by itself. His voice is extraordinary and there is a level of professionalism which is clearly above other shows. He has a comedian/magician who actually is funny. Most of the comedians in these shows on the strip are not funny, but this guy was really good. A special treat was young Charlie Green whose voice was magnificent. Jimmy’s brother Jay also played the drums beautifully in a solo. The show absolutely blew by and we loved every moment. All three of us (Mom, sister and I) agreed this was just superb. The Osmonds are as warm as they are talented. This was our first time in Branson and we absolutely fell in love with the town. I’ve traveled all over the world, but I don’t think I’ve ever met nicer people than in Branson.
Visited May 2016

TripAdvisor – “Moon River & Me”
5 of 5 stars
The theater is in itself an attraction. Even if you have no tickets for a show, you sould walk around the halls and levels of the building to see all the Andy Williams memorabilia. And check out the fish in the Moon River that flows around the outside of the theater. In November I attended three functions, the Andy Williams Christmas Show, the Lettermen and Moon River & Me. I was particularly pleased with Moon River & Me. Four singers performed Andy Williams hits including Jimmy Osmond.
Visited November 2015

TripAdvisor – “Show Moon River and Me”
3 of 5 stars
We needed a morning show and saw Moon River and Me on the list. The show starred Jimmy Osmond (youngest of the Osmond brothers) and included Charles Green, a talented singer from the UK; and Chipper Lowell, a magician comedian.
I was impressed that the performers came into the lobby prior to the show to greet us. They walked around the lobby visiting with their guests; and were very happy to answer any questions we had.
The show itself was about memories of Andy Williams showing footage from his TV show. If you watched Andy Williams, this was a show of memories and history of him as well as music from the performers in the show and comedy from the comedian.
Visited November 2015

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